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Jack Benny Presents Golden Memories Of Radio MP3 CD 6 Album Set $8.49

8.49 USD. Free Shipping Worldwide!

The Complete Beloved 1969 Commemorative Set Of 6 LP Records Documenting America's Golden Age Of Radio Presented By Jack Benny And Frank Knight Packed Into 1 MP3 CD!


SIDE 1: Remember Golden Radio?
The Philco Radlo Show with Blng Crosby Jack Benny and Mary Lmngston. George Burns and Gracle Allen. Eddle Cantor. Amos 'n Andy.

SIDE 2: Day Time Radio and Commercials.
Lorenzo Jones - The Romance of Helen Trent - Just Plain Bill. Mary Noble, Back Stage Wife. "Ma" Perklns' Last Broadcast. Mary Margaret McBrlde with Mr. & Mrs. Alben Barkley. Commercials: Interwoven Socks, Chesterfield Smoke Dreams, Pepsi-Cola, Rinso, Lava, Crisco, The Longines-Wlttnauer Watch Company.

SIDE 3: The Great Radio Comedians.
Alfen's Alley wltii Fred Allen, Senator Claghorn, Titus Moody, and Mrs. Nusbaum. The Easy Aces with Jane and Goodman Ace, Baron Munchausen, featuring Jack Pearl. Fibber McGee and Molly, with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jordan.

SIDE 4: More Of The Great Radio Comedians.
Lum 'N Abner. Fanny Brlce as Baby Snooks. Jack Benny and Mary Livingston. Mel Blanc as "The Maxwell Car." Bob Hope. Fred Allen and Jack Benny.

SIDE 5: Radio Adventure And Drama.
Jack Armstrong. The Lone Ranger. Sgt. Preston and Yukon King. Terry and The Plrates. Famous Jury Tnals. Dangerous Assignment. Mr Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons. Gang Busters. Suspense. The Shadow.

SIDE 6: The Classlc Radio News Broadcasts.
KDKA election Returns. Pres. Coolidge presents Charles Lindberg to congress. Amos 'n Andy on Hoover-Smith campaign. Eddie Cantor on 1929 Crash. Billy Sunday on prohibition. FDR ls Inaugurated. Edwln C Hill. Bruno Hauptman is executed. The Hindenburg disaster.

SIDE 7: The March Toward World War II.
The King George V Funeral. Edward VIIl abdicates. King George VI coronation. Prime Minister Chamberlain reports to the world. The U.S.S. Squalus disaster. Hitler declares war on Poland. Chamberlain announces war. FDR: "Amerlca Hates War." Winston Churchill: "Give us the tools."

SIDE 8: On-The-Spot Coverage Of Sports!
The Dempsey-Tunney fight. Schmeling defeats Joe Louis. Max Baer, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey comment as Louis defeats Schmeling. Jesse Owen in 1936 Olympics, Ted Huslng reports. 1937 Davls Cup Match Budge vs. Kramm. Whirl-a-way wins the Kentucky Derby. Bobby Thompson home-run.

SIDE 9: Radio Reports World War II.
Pearl Harbor to Corregidor: Pearl Harbor bulletin. Manlla bombing. FDR "Day of Infamy." Last Broadcast From Corregidor. Interview with radio operator.

SIDE 10: Radio Reports World War II.
"D" Day to Final Victory. Dwight D. Eisenhower announces "D" Day. FDR on D'' Day. "Live" report from landing ship. Iwo Jima invaded. FDR's death. Arthur Godfrey at funeral. President Truman's tribute. Winston Churchill on VE Day. President Truman announces Hiroshima "A" bomb attack. VJ Day. General MacArthur at signing of peace treaty.

SIDE 11: Great Moments of Humor and Pathos.
Radio programs did not always follow script: Lowell Thomas program. Julian Anthony news broadcast. Radio "trivia": the first radio variety series. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrlg on their radio show. Babe Ruth s final message. Lou Gehrlg says 'Goodbye". Amos 'n Andy Christmas program.

SIDE 12: Special Production.
Arch Oboler presents "CAT WIFE" -- a full length terror drama, freshly produced, just as it was heard on Golden Radio. Cast" Virginia Gregg, Vic Perrin, Hal Peary, Jay Novello and Chester Stratton.

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* A Message From J. C. Kaelin About's Titles:

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! I personally digitized all the titles sold on this website, sourced from my famed personal archives of over 8,000 hours of historical moving image footage, and countless hours of archival audio source media, which have been used in many tv/movie/radio productions to my credit, many years before copycat competitors degraded their quality and compressed them onto bargain basement disc stock, labeled with magic marker, shoved into paper sleeves, and sold on their websites represented as their own. These are ***the original digitally remastered recordings*** that you deserve when you make your purchase, manufactured using 100+ year guaranteed Taiyo Yuden brand discs that are the world's highest quality disc stock, and like all our discs, they're printed and shipped with j-cards in durable shatterproof jewel cases. So when you buy this title, you'll know you're getting *the genuine article*, and that you'll enjoy it for a lifetime! And most importantly, when you purchase products, you help us to keep bringing you and the rest of the world the best in rare and classic multimedia entertainment! With our archival quality DVD titles, you have the security of knowing that the media you treasure is safe and sound in your own library, and not subject to disappearance as are those archived on the internet or elsewhere!

And remember:

The & labels; own original Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production digital restorations, as seen on TV, manufactured by our label to exacting quality standards and green packaging, too! Described by such renowned archivists as Gary Handman, Curator of the Media Resources Center at the University of California-Berkley, as "the rarest of the rare. It's amazing!"

Come to us first to get the best prices for the titles you cherish manufactured with the highest quality DVD stock in the world!

Our ENORMOUS MP3 DVD MegaCollections provide you with FAR more value for your hard-earned dollar than regular CD collections do - and the larger the collection, the larger your savings!

*Check Out Our & Label's Contributions On PBS TV Throughout Ken Burns' Landmark World War II Documentary Series THE WAR As Well As On HISTORY DETECTIVES and The History Channel's WORLD WAR II IN HD!*

As Featured On Broadcast TV And Cable Documentary Networks Such As PBS, History Channel, BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Fox, A&E, NHK, Asahi TV, Suburban Cablevision & More, As Well As In Movies, On Radio & In Newspapers, Books & Magazines, & All That!

*Especially created to meet the needs of students and teachers worldwide, and its constituent websites have gained approval for teaching history and media studies by various American state, British, French and Singapore governments, as well as by museums, libraries, archives & hundreds of prestigous schools K-12, college, university & post-graduate worldwide since 1996.

Thanks for your business and your support of! All the best, J. C. Kaelin,"

* You'll Not See The Like Of Our Titles Anywhere Else Than!

Manufactured Using Taiyo Yuden Brand Disc Stock, The World's Best!

  • World's widest player compatibility
  • Guaranteed 100 year data integrity durability
  • Zero laser wave distortion for zero playback distortion
  • Lowest jitter, error rate & quality deviation levels in the industry
  • ISO 14001 certification ensures environmentally responsible manufacture
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